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Product Description
SGG CONTRAFLAM LITE is a multi-laminated fire resisting and partially insulating fire resisting glass.
Produced from two sheets of tempered safety glass, separated by a single, clear, colourless advanced intumescent interlayer.
The miniminal thickness of the product is 12mm, but may be increased for extra large panel sizes exceeding 1500 x 3000mm, to provide additional rigidity.

Single glazing
SGG CONTRAFLAM LITE can be used as single glazing for internal areas, such as doors, screens and partitions of steel or timber construction in vertical or sloped applications. SGG CONTRAFLAM LITE can either be supplied in clear glass or in an extensive number of decorative or functional options, simply by replacing one pane of clear glass.

Single glazing

Double glazing
SGG CONTRAFLAM LITE can easily be incorporated into double glazed units for external areas.
Solar Control glass types such as SGG PARSOL, SGG ANTELIO and SGG COOL-LITE can also be easily incorporated, as can low emissivity products such as SGG PLANITHERM or SGG EKO LOGIK, for increased thermal insulation and in full compliance with Document L.

Double glazing

When exposed to fire, the special intumescent interlayer turns opaque and expands to form a partially insulating heat shield, effectively reducing the transmission of radiated and conducted heat. The combination of glass and interlayer also provides an integrity barrier against smoke, flames and hot toxic gases, for in excess of 120 minutes (EW120).

SGG CONTRAFLAM LITE is suitable for both internal or external areas, for installation into both steel or timber framed doors and screens. For external areas we recommend that SGG CONTRAFLAM LITE be used as the inner pane of a double glazed unit.
  • Large pane sizes available and tested. In excess of 4.25m2 (1500 x 2900mm) to 60 minutes integrity and 15 minutes insulation (EW60)
  • Provides a partially insulating barrier, creating safer escape routes and increasing separation distances
  • Multi-functional, flexible product offering decorative and functional alternatives

  • Certification
  • 30 to 120 minutes integrity and more than 15 minutes insulation (EW120) to EN 1364-1
  • Tempered safety glass, equivalent to Class A BS 6206:1981
  • UV-stable, tested in accordance with EN ISO 12543.3 Pt. 6.5.2.
  • Excellent sound insulating properties. Single glazing providing 37db Rw to EN 140-3

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