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PowerGlaz® Standard Modules

Photovoltaic Standard Panels (Modules)
PowerGlaz® Photovoltaic (PV) standard panels use Romag's extensive glass processing experience to produce high quality photovoltaic modules using the latest materials. Textured low iron glass is used as the outer component of the laminate to maximise the light transmission to the cells. The PV cells are connected in series and are encapsulated in EVA bonded to the glass sheet. A final layer of Tedlar is laminated to the rear of the module to complete the weather protection.

PowerGlaz® modules utilise 5inch (125mm x 125mm) cells and the latest 6inch (156mm x 156mm) variants. They are also available with either mono crystalline or polycrystalline cells. Our range of standard modules are all certified to IEC 61215 Edition 2.

PowerGlaz® standard modules provide excellent performance whether operating DC loads directly or in an inverter equipped system, AC loads. Enhanced efficiency polycrystalline or mono-crystalline silicon cells are connected in series and will charge 24-volt batteries efficiently in virtually any climate. With variants producing from 155Wp to 230Wp or more of nominal maximum power, PowerGlaz® modules are ideally suited to either utility grid-supplemental systems, or dedicated systems such as remote telecommunication stations, water pumping stations and land-based aids to navigation etc.

Technical Information:
Maximum Panel Size: 4000mm x 2200mm
Glass Thickness: Minimum 9.5mm - Maximum to suit specific structural design parameters

Dimensional Tolerance:
In accordance with BS EN 12543-5: 1998 Output: Electrical output is quoted specifically for each project, quoted output is subject to a tolerance of +/-5%. Electrical data is provided for individual projects.

PowerGlaz® BIPV Warranty
Bespoke glass/glass BIPV modules are covered by a limited warranty which guarantees 90% of original rated power output for ten years. The 'original rated output' is that detailed on our 'flash test' report and supplied to the customer at the time of manufacture.

Module Types
PowerGlaz SMT 6 Series (6" Cells)
Datasheets Certificates
PowerGlaz SMT 6(48) P ICIM Certification 260.07 Kb
PowerGlaz SMT 6(54) P ICIM Certification 260.07 Kb
Powerglaz SMT 6(60) ICIM Certification 260.07 Kb
PowerGlaz SMT 5 Series (5" Cells)
Datasheets Certificates
PowerGlaz SMT 180M Certificate
PowerGlaz SMT 155P Certificate

Limited warranty for 80% power output for 25 years. Freedom from defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years.

Building Mounted Modules

The modules may be used for 'bolt on' building mounted applications to compliment our PowerGlaz® BIPV range and are often used to supplement output on BIPV installations particularly if there is insufficient area within the facade or roof glazing to achieve the required output. Building mounted standard modules are often positioned discreetly out of sight on the roof where they can be positioned and angled for maximum efficiency.

Solar Farms

As well as being mounted onto buildings, PowerGlaz® standard modules are also installed into 'solar farms' or 'solar fields' and PowerGlaz® is installed for this application throughout Europe. These dedicated solar power stationsrequire modules of optimum efficiency which may be installed onto devices which track the sun to generate maximum power output.PowerGlaz® modules utilise cells obtained from market leaders and we only use cells which fall into the higherefficiency bands. This means that PowerGlaz® modules may exceed the performance of most modules on the market.

The Choice is Yours

Romag's philosophy has always been to 'make what the customer wants' and PowerGlaz® photovoltaic modules are no exception. Our 'standard' range of modules are reviewed regularly and are posted on our website which means that we may have modules available that will match your requirements but if not don't be put off. Contact us as we are happy to produce bespoke 'glass/Tedlar' modules to suit your individual requirements - don't forget 'THE CHOICE IS YOURS'.

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