GITG  - Gulf International Trading Group, Sharjah, UAE
  GITG  - Gulf International Trading Group, Sharjah, UAE

  Taking pre-emptive action on escalating global warming
Gulf International Trading Group
In the era of advanced technology in all fields and sectors, we have the tools to stand side by side and address the common threat of climate change. Global warming is a phenomenon that lays its burden on all nations to unite on action to secure the future of generations to come and, in the words of H.E Khalid Al Midfa, CEO of Gulf International Trading Group (GITG), the planet we share, we can never spare. The world looks for solutions at this year's UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.
We are ready and willing to actively go ahead to contribute to the response of the climate change
GITG is currently one of the Middle East's most innovative trading companies in delivering high quality, eco-friendly construction materials, and is a participant in this year's COP15 conference. It was inspired from the beginning by the clear vision and leadership from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our devotion and dedication is shown in our sincere efforts around ongoing global warming. For this very reason, we are here in Copenhagen to discuss future mechanisms and identify our role in setting a roadmap to respond to this overwhelming change in the global climate. Coordination between government entities, the private sector and the environmental experts worldwide will be needed to create a future that is both prosperous and sustainable. No nation today is immune to the impacts of climate change; nor can it protect itself by acting alone. GITG is determined to lead in combining innovation, technology and sustainability into a creative solution for urban development. We have provided a wide range of the latest eco-friendly products and created awareness with various workshops and seminars all over UAE for the past two years. Now it is time to expand our wings. With research and intra-sector partnerships we can lay the foundation for a global economy that favours sustainable urban infrastructure development.
Space technology
The last century produced many new technologies, allowing man to travel into space and reach the Moon. It is these technologies that now hold the key to success. Changing the way we live our lives today will be a major challenge, but it is only by acting on this now that we will protect our planet for future generations. Yes, it will be at a cost, but the cost will be significantly higher if we do nothing. It could result in the destruction of Earth.
The right solutions are only possible if all governments unite and develop common policies and laws to enable the transition from the carbon-emitting fuels of today to the clean space developed technologies of tomorrow. Renewable technologies using hydrogen as the energy carrier offer exciting possibilities. The technologies are not new and have been fully developed and demonstrated so we know they work. The facts are that it has been too easy to burn fossil fuels and that these new clean technologies have not been deployed in mass. The digital technology revolution that gave us mobile phones and satellites has also opened up fantastic new opportunities, but it is the power of the Sun that has allowed this to happen. We need to allow the Sun help us to power our way out of this crisis.
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