GITG  - Gulf International Trading Group, Sharjah, UAE
  GITG  - Gulf International Trading Group, Sharjah, UAE

  Gulf International Trading Group to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009
(MENAFN Press) Gulf International Trading Group (GITG), a leader in the trading of high-quality, ecofriendly construction materials in the Middle East, has been invited to attend the upcoming UNCCC 2009-also referred to as COP15-to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from December 7-18. Heading GITG delegation will Mr. Khalid Mohammed Ibrahim Al Midfa, Chairman and CEO who will have a speech during the conference.

Mr. Al Midfa believes that the experiences that GITG has gained in working in the United Arab Emirates will be particularly relevant in the context of the COP15 conference. The company has for decades been able to connect manufacturers of eco-friendly materials to project managers throughout the Middle East. Recently, the UAE government has supported such work by implementing a political agenda that waves taxes for companies like GITG and demands new building projects in the UAE abide by international sustainability standards.

"At UNCCC Copenhagen, we look forward to discussing our experiences in the UAE as well as the political and economic opportunities that exist internationally to support sustainable development projects,"commented Mr. Al Midfa. Mr. Al Midfa will address the audience advocating for stronger partnerships between the private sector, government regulators, and NGOs.

The conference will focus on four key political essentials: how much are the industrialized countries willing to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases; how much are major developing countries such as China and India willing to do to limit the growth of their emissions; how is the help needed by developing countries to engage in reducing their emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change going to be financed; and how is that money going to be managed?"
Gulf International Trading Group was inspired from the beginning by the clear vision of the political leaders of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

These forefathers were devoted to protecting their natural environment, and their leadership continues to motivate GITG to utilize all available resources in addressing the ongoing challenges associated with global warming. It is for this reason that we are here in Copenhagen to identify our role and discuss mechanisms through which we can create a pre-emptive action plan that addresses the tremendous changes in our global climate", added Mr. Al Midfa."Coordination between government entities, the private sector and environmental experts from around the world will be needed to create a future that is both prosperous and sustainable. No nation today is immune to the impacts of climate change and no nation can protect itself by acting alone", concluded Mr. Al Midfa.

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