GITG  - Gulf International Trading Group, Sharjah, UAE
  GITG  - Gulf International Trading Group, Sharjah, UAE

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi- Conference - June 2008

GITG Chairman Mr. Khalid Al Midfa explains AluFlam Products to the Media
In June 2008, GITG conducted a special conference exclusively for the cream of the consultants of UAE at Emirates Palace Hotel, Abudhabi, on June 18th 2008 to convey the importance AluFlam. The conference was flooded with consultants, medias, VIP's, etc.

Al Qasr Hotel Press Conference - June 2008

AluFlam Founder owner Mr. Peter Birch, explains the fire rated products
 Al Gaith Tower Atkins Conference - June 2008
Training session at Atkins by Romag
It was an amazing event when we conducted a training session for the Atkins architects at Al Gaith Tower. Mr. Raynoble and Mr. Keith Morrison from Romag enlighted the vast scope of power glaz in this region as we have blessed with substantial amount of solar energy. The views of the present Rulers of UAE to construct green buildings will be of very much help using these technologies from Romag.

Al Jazeera Sports Club Conference - June 2008

Cansult Maunsell - training by Romag
The meetings with Halcrows, Cansult Maunsell, etc. resulted in the mass awareness of power glaz, Bullet resistant glazing system, blast resistant glazing system, etc. To a certain extend, these meetings resulted in passing the hindrance of knowledge of these products.
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