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  GITG  - Gulf International Trading Group, Sharjah, UAE

UAE green product firm to attend "Hope in Hagen
Gulf International Trading Group chairman and CEO, Khalid Mohammed Ibrahim Al Midfa, said his company will be participating at next month's United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, in order to support the global green cause.

Speaking to CW Big 5 Daily, he said, "We were invited by the UN to participate at the Climate Change Conference in December, after they heard of all the environmental campaigns we've done and for our products which are extremely green in nature:'

In addition to his participation, 65 heads of state and governments have also accepted Danish Prime Minister Lars L0kke Rasmussen's invitation to attend the conference in the Danish capital.

The conference had originally been intended to produce a new global climatechange treaty on limiting emissions of greenhouse gases that would replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

Midfa said he was not sure
if all objectives set out would be achieved but it was a step in the right direction and that his company fully supports all causes to protect the environment.

In the company's brochure that is available at their stand in Hallll, he says: "Mydream is to create homes that rely completely on natural energy sources and that create optimal living surroundings for the Middle East:'
The company provides a range of renewable energy and safety and security products including Powerglaz, which the company describes as "the real green building cladding material" and uses photovoltaic technology to produce electricity, hydrogen and fuel cell operation products, fire resistant glazing Aluflam, steel profiling system Stalprofil and Saint- Gobain's Vetrotech glass.

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