GITG  - Gulf International Trading Group, Sharjah, UAE
  GITG  - Gulf International Trading Group, Sharjah, UAE

Chairman's Message

As the grandson of Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed Al Midfa, secretary and advisor to four rulers of Sharjah, and son of Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Al Midfa, former Vice Ruler of the Eastern Coast of the Sharjah Emirate, I take pride in the United Arab Emirates- its past, present and future. Gulf International Trading Group is committed to creating sustainability and providing eco-friendly construction products throughout the UAE and Gulf region. My dream is to create homes that rely completely on natural energy sources and that create optimal living surroundings for the Middle East. The innovation of Gulf International Trading Group will provide the highest standard products and services from around the world to fulfil the mission and vision of our company. Gulf International Trading Group is the realization of a dream to improve the quality of life and, at the same time, protect the environment of the region.

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