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At the North of Al Arsa Market and in the heart of Al Miraiha area which diffuses with the fragrance of Sharjah old ages, HE Ibrahim Bin Muhamed Al Midfaa has established his private library on 1933, which soon became a sort of a meeting place for intelligentsia and people of culture and a centre for national awareness. Whereas such Salon has witnessed numerous pioneer initiatives and important contributions that has enriched the Emirates environment through valuable political, social and cultural aspects

Mr. Al Midfaa has combined in his said Salon culture with politics and has issued Oman; newspaper in 1928 as the first newspaper in the Emirates history. Soon after this, Al Midfaa has then issued “Saot Al Asafeer” newspaper in 1933 after the first newspaper has seized issuing.

In addition to the literal and ideological importance of Al Midfaa Salon, particularly due to the prominent personalities, interested in literature and history that used to attend such meetings, it has been considered to be one of the most important heritage museums in the region, as it has been equipped with a unique type of skylights, “Barjail” which looks like the Minaret of a Masjid and considered as the only one in its type available in all the Emirates and the Gulf region.

Mr. Al Midfaa was a pioneer in national works and social reformation whereas he has incurred the onus for development of literature and culture and has assumed distinguished methods and approaches for serving his community, hence he has targeted for the establishment of schools, inauguration of social clubs, salons and establishment of different newspapers.

Deep Rooted Origin:

Al Midfaa family, which relates to Al Harth Tribe in Miderib area, has shifted from Oman before long time during the Eighteenth Century and settled in Ryam area, thereafter shifted again and finally settled in Sharjah in 1660. The members of this family then became one of the most famous traders in Sharjah and have assumed a distinguishable and notable social position in the whole area. They has also a wide activities in the field of pearl trade in the region and they have possessed a great number of huge sailboats which used to trade and transport dates from Al Bisra, rice and perfumes from India and Africa. They used to trade in these items and supply pearl divers and traders with their daily necessities. These activities have added to the family more fame, celebrity and have further extended its reputation to all parts of the country.

some of the famous names in l Midfaa family are Abdulla Bin Hassan Al Midfaa, who is one of the most prominent traders in Sharjah, Abdulla Bin Hassan Al Midfaa, who is the founder of the Islamic Arts Forum in Sharjah in 1923-24, Abdul Rahaman Hassan Al Midfaa, the Ambassador of pearls in India, Amina Al Midfaa, leader of the first women cultural salons in sharjah in the beginning of the last Century and Mohamed Abdulla, the father of HE Ibrahim Bin Muhamed Al Midfaa, the first man who has collected the history documents of Oman Coast with the aid of some expert peoples.

All of the said persons have assumed a noticeable role in the social, cultural and economical activities in Sharjah in particular and UAE in general.
However, Sharjah has witnessed considerable social, cultural and economical changes and developments which have affected the whole region in the past and at present. Such changes and developments have generated also some leaders such as the grandfathers of HE Ibrahim Bin Muhamed Al Midfaa.
Al Midfaa has also been contemporary of the political, social and economical events since his birth in 1909, when he learned Al Tawheed Science Principals and some Religious Sciences by Sheikh Abdul Kareem Al Bakri Al Najdi, Arabic Calligraphy by Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Hirmis and has completed learning Holy Koran since he was very young.

When Al Midfaa grew up under such prevailing national concepts and principals, he participated in the provision of books, newspapers and magazines for the peoples eager for knowledge and culture as he has been an active subscriber in numerous books, newspapers and magazines and in good communication links with many authors and writers with whom Al Midfaa used to exchange letters and different cultural issues.

Al Midfaa has also interacted with the different events prevailing in the region and the Arab Homeland, wrote many poems, articles and letters which were used to be smuggled to Bombay in India and thereafter to the Arabic newspapers, because such Articles and letters contain issues disclosing the mal oppressions and exploitations practiced by the Colonists of the Country.

The First Newspaper in Sharjah:

In the beginning of the Twentieth Century, Al Midfaa has emerged as a prominent and pioneer Journalist in UAE, when he has issued in 1927 the first newspaper in Sharjah under the name of (Oman Newspaper), which has been at that time a half monthly newspaper. It was regularly issued for one month with two sizable addendums. The said newspaper was used to be issued at that time in handwriting and distributes about 5 issues which were used to be circulated for reading between friends in the same quarter in addition to some other personalities who knew how to read, such as Sheikh/ Sultan Bin Saqr Bin Khalid Al Qassimi, Ruler of Sharjah, 1924 -1952, Sheikh/Abdulla Bin Ali Al Mahmoud, the author Mubark bin Seif, Mohamed Bin Ali Al Mahmoud and some other Sharjah educated peoples who benefit from what Al Midfaa used to write through quotation from some Arabic magazines and newspapers in addition to some news from the Arab Homeland.

Oman Newspaper has included also numerous issues such as Sharjah news, news from the region, some narratives about nomads, diving and traveling stories. However, the Newspaper has dealt with some other political issues. The author and historian Abdulla Bin Salih Al Motawaa, Ahmed Bin Hadeed, Mubark Bin Saif Al Nakhi, Hamaid Bin Abdulla Al Kindi and Hamad Bin Abdul Rahman Al Midfaa has participated also in editing Oman Newspaper, whereas the later thereafter has established “Sawt Al Asafeer” Newspaper with some educated peoples in 1933.

The said Newspaper used to criticize the local situations in a sarcastic manner in addition to the foreign interference in the country.
“Sawt Al Asafeer” Newspaper has depended also on the Arab Newspapers which used to be distributed in the country, such as Al Ihram Newspaper, Al Hilal Magazine, Al Manar Magazine, Palestine Newspaper, Al Fath Newspaper, Al Shoura Newspaper, Al Orwa Al Wothqa Newspaper, Om Al Qurra Newspaper and Al Risala Newspaper.
“Sawt Al Asafeer” has been a wall Newspaper, issued in handwriting and after being edited, Al Midfaa has been used to distribute it among his intimate friends, then he shall fix each new issue on the door of his salon for more readers.

Different Posts:

HE Ibrahim Bin Muhamed Al Midfaa has always been available at all cultural, social and national activities and events. In addition to his leadership in the Newspaper, he has been interested in different forms of poetry and has defended the affairs of his homeland with all means available to him, including his pen, ideas and thoughts and has been very keen towards the establishment of the Union State whereas he has participated in the first steps that lead to the achievement of such national and vital target.

However, Al Midfaa has been the Senior advisor and trustee for the Secrets of Sheikh/ Sultan Bin Saqr Al Qassimi, and thereafter for Sheikh/ Saqr Bin Sultan. He has then presided many administrative positions and represented Sharjah Government in the office for severance of relations with Israel, Rulers Council and Development Council.

Midfaa has also acted as private consultant for Sheikh/ Khalid Bin Mohamed Al Qassimi, the previous Ruler of Sharjah and continued holding this office till the beginning of the reign of His Highness Sheikh/Dr. Sultan Bin Mohamed Al Qassimi, then resigned and withdrew from all government works due to health reasons and died on 18/3/1983.




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