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PowerGlaz® BIPV Modules
Biulding Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) is the fastest growing sector of the PV market. The principle of BIPV is that PV panels (or modules) are incorporated into the building envelope substituting standard glass and other cladding materials with glass/glass laminates encapsulating Photovoltaic cells within. The modules are then incorporated into the building facade or roof where they generate electricity at the 'point of use' thereby maximising energy efficiency by eliminating transmission losses incurred when electricity is supplied via the national grid. PowerGlaz® BIPV can be integrated into vertical glazing, pitched glazing to canopies or walkways, and glazed roofs such as atria. It can be single or double glazed, and will fit easily into most proprietary glazing systems.
The individual modules are connected together to form an 'array'. The energy produced from the array is then fed into the buildings power supply, via 'inverters', which convert the current from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). If excess power is produced it is fed back into the 'grid'.
The photovoltaic cells convert daylight into electricity. The cells measure 125mm x 125mm or 156mm x 156mm and are available in two options, 'mono-crystalline' and 'poly-crystalline'. (Poly-crystalline cells can also be referred to as 'multi-crystalline'). Each type has its own aesthetic appeal and their choice may depend on the designers or architects vision of the building as much as their efficiency.
The cells are laminated between two layers of glass using an interlayer which retains the cells in position and also bonds the glass together. The glass is toughened or heat strengthened or possibly a combination of both. The glass may be 'heat soak tested' to help reduce the risk of spontaneous breakage. All glass processing is carried out 'in house' by Romag. The outer leaf of the laminate is 'low iron' glass, which improves light transmission, and therefore maximises the efficiency of the cells. The inner leaf of glass can be of virtually any glass type; for example it could be tinted, decorative or screen-printed to a specific design. The finished laminate can be double-glazed, or if it is to be fitted into a structural glazing system, a carrier frame can be bonded to the unit. Double glazing and structural bonding are also carried out by Romag.
Each panel is fitted with a proprietary connector to enable interconnection of the modules to create a Photovoltaic 'array'. The connectors simply 'push' together and this process is usually carried out by the glazing installers who do not necessarily need to have specialist electrical knowledge however, the connection of the electricity generated by the array, must be connected into the buildings power supply by a specialist electrician who, in the UK, must be registered under the DTI accreditation scheme for installing PV. Romag are able to arrange contact with an accredited installer.
On double glazed units connections exit from the edges of the unit, but single glazed modules offer the choice of either surface mounted or edge mounted connectors. The choice is largely dependent on the type of glazing system or aesthetic requirements.
The efficiency of PowerGlaz® BIPV depends upon a number of factors such as the latitude of the installation, the angle of incline of the modules and the direction that the array faces, but it does not have to face due south to be effective as long as it's aspect is generally south, east or west facing.

Technical Information:
Maximum Panel Size: 4000mm x 2200mm
Glass Thickness: Minimum 9.5mm - Maximum to suit specific structural design parameters

Dimensional Tolerance:
In accordance with BS EN 12543-5: 1998 Output: Electrical output is quoted specifically for each project, quoted output is subject to a tolerance of +/-5%. Electrical data is provided for individual projects.

PowerGlaz® BIPV Warranty
Bespoke glass/glass BIPV modules are covered by a limited warranty which guarantees 90% of original rated power output for ten years. The 'original rated output' is that detailed on our 'flash test' report and supplied to the customer at the time of manufacture.

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