GITG  - Gulf International Trading Group, Sharjah, UAE
  GITG  - Gulf International Trading Group, Sharjah, UAE
About Gulf International Trading Group

Gulf International Trading Group is the Middle East's most innovative trading company, driven by a clear and inspirational vision that has captured the world's attention. Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, Gulf International Trading Group was founded with the foresight that tremendous growth in the region must be facilitated by ecologically friendly building solutions to promote only the highest quality of sustainable development. The company has evolved as the UAE and GCC region's most trusted channel partner for the distribution and marketing of green building materials. Strategic insight into the region's most sought after building solutions are the foundation of Gulf International Trading Group's unique supply of construction materials. The company's definitive business objectives are powered by the collective experience and expertise of the executive management team to facilitate every step of the way with the most trusted and knowledgeable service, from conception to construction.


Our Inspiration

The traditional architecture of the UAE is the foundation for Gulf International Trading Group's desire to provide environmentally friendly building products to the region. The iconic wind towers of the Gulf region have provided an enduring legacy of innovative construction solutions. These wind towers are the foundation and inspiration of a rich legacy led by Gulf International Trading Group's Chairman, Mr. Khalid Mohammad Ibrahim Al Midfa, who believes in combing the wisdom of Arabic traditions with the future of technological innovations. The UAE's beloved leaders agreed collectively to mandate that all buildings in Dubai be built according to "green" guidelines. Such has only strengthened Gulf International Trading Group's vision and objectives, having launched their visionary organization at a truly auspicious time for energy efficient construction.


Our Foundation

Gulf International Trading Group was founded by one of the UAE's most prominent and innovative legacies. Mr. Khalid Ibrahim Mohammad Al Midfa's foresight to offer the region a resource for ecologically friendly building solutions was driven by generations of innovators and leaders from the Al Midfa family. The Al Midfa family's origins are deeply rooted in the Gulf Region, accrediting them as the most famous traders in Sharjah, one of the UAE's largest emirates. Known for their distribution of goods that included exotic fruits, dates, rice, and perfumes throughout Asia and Africa, the Al Midfa family proudly celebrates its family tree comprised with some of the UAE's most prominent social, cultural, political, and economic figures. Gulf International Trading Group's Chairman embraced the visions, successes, relationships, and values set forth by his family to drive his entrepreneurial spirit. Both his grandfather, HE Ibrahim Bin Muhamed Al Midfaa, and his father, Mr. Mohammad bin Ibrahim Al Midfaa, enjoyed many successes that would fuel Mr. Khalid Al Midfa's vision for the future of the region.


The Al Midfa Legacy

HE Ibrahim Bin Muhamed Al Midfaa is famous for having started the UAE's first newspaper as well as a private library that stands today as an icon in the UAE for cultural and national awareness, notable for its wind tower that remains a symbol to the region. HE Ibrahim Bin Muhamed Al Midfaa quickly became a trusted member of society, serving as the senior advisor for Sheikh Sultan Bin Saqr Al Qassimi, Saqr Bin Sultan al Qassimi and was selected to serve as a private consultant for Sheikh Khalid Bin Mohamed Al Qassimi and sheikh Doctor Sultan Bin Mohammad al Qassimi. Mr. Mohammad Bin Ibrahim Al Midfaa followed in his father's footsteps, appointed by H.H. Sheikh Khalid Bin Mohammad Al Qassimi as the Ruler Representative of the Eastern Portion of Sharjah at the young age of 22. He also served as Director General of Civil Defense of Sharjah. Mr. Khalid Al Midfa leads a legacy that nurtures trust, honor, ambition, and deeply rooted relationships with the regions leaders and scholars. These values have been an inspiring and motivating force in the continual success of Gulf International Trading Group, made possible by Mr. Khalid Mohammad Ibrahim Al Midfa's desire to continue setting milestones and making history as a member of the Al Midfa family.


Our Chairman

Khalid bin Mohammad bin Ibrahim AlMidfa celebrates a versatile and rich upbringing, having been mentored by two of the UAE's most prominent figures in addition to years of international education from leading institutions including studies in London and Germany. Mr. Khalid Al Midfa has developed strong cultural understandings from years of travel spanning the globe, inspiring others through his desire to open minds to Middle Eastern Culture. From a young age, Mr. Khalid Al Midfa began to envision a world of sustainable development, particularly for his region which was rapidly evolving into the lucrative and promising market that it is today. Years of research would help him target and capitalize on the most important issues plaguing the Middle East. Working with consultants, real estate companies, international trading companies, designers, and engineers, Mr. Khalid Al Midfa quickly gained the strategic insight necessary to develop a 360 degree approach to providing sustainable change for the region, eventually leading to the launch and success of Gulf International Trading Group. Today Mr. Khalid Al Midfa is equipped with the eloquence of his Al Ghaith and Al Midfa family backgrounds, and supported financially by a breadth of family-owned resources in the form of land, properties, and investments. His patriotism inspired the company logo, as it is reminiscent of the UAE's national flag and the wind tower made famous by his esteemed grandfather.

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